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pfSense :: pfblocker memory error

Been setting up pfblocker to block unwanted IPlists from my Network, but encountered a “not enough” memory error when adding big lists. In short I used the build in file manager from Diagnostics – Edit File to modify 2 files:

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pfSense :: Configuring OpenVPN

In this post I am going to configure OpenVPN on pfSense and export client certificate for usage on client devices. Configuring new Certicate authority Manager Adding new System Certificate for OpenVPN Adding user Certificate Configuring OpenVPN Server. Configuring new Certicate

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Generate and start using an SSL Certificate for MailCleaner Web interfaces

Making this post as a reminder for other people. I actually have an existing certificate on my Mailcleaner, but it happens to have just expired, so I need to create a new one. Instead of just creating a certificate internally

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PFSense :: Add Start SSL CA Certificate

In this short post we are going to add a Certificate Authority Certificate, or just CA Certificate. Before starting in PFSense, go download the newest ca-bundle.pem file from and save it somewhere you can easily find it. In the PFSense Dasboard

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Exchange 2013 – Multi Tenancy setup (Part 1)

Note: Please note that this page is still a “draft”. I just published it due to public demand. The Draft part is just a lack of expansive explanations and descriptions, but I hope you find it usefull. In this Post Here we

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Exchange 2013 (CU5) : Public Folders – More permissions and using Non_IPM_SUBTREE (PART 3)

In previous articles I wrote about PF Mailboxs and PF Management respectively. In this post we are going to take a look at the hidden system folder IPM_SUBTREE Recap current setup Current PF setup Current permission settings Prepare  PFs for

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Configure DNS: “should include the loopback address…” explained

I’ve seen a lot of confusion around the net regarding to the “DNS servers on Ethernet x should include the loopback address, but not as the first entry” error message, and decided to make a post about it. The number of

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Exchange 2013 (CU5) : Public Folders – PF Mailboxes (PART 1)

Public Folders has gone through a lot of changes through the years. Some ups and downs, and several attempts to kill Public Folders (PF) by Microsoft by trying to get people to move to Sharepoint instead. Latest ‘attempt’ at this

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Exchange 2013 (CU5) : Public Folders – PF Management (PART 2)

In Part 1 we talked about Public Folder Mailbox management and we are no ready to talk about: PART 2 – Public Folder Public Folder Management. Plan and Create Public Folders Hierarchy Create Public Folders on Secondary Hierarchy Mailboxes using EMS Root

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Exchange 2013 : Remove Mailbox-Database

As I wrote in a previous post I cleaned out a Mailbox-Database an am now going to remove it. Not that Remove-MailboxDatabase is not the same as deleting the database files. What it does is dismounting the database and removes

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