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Cisco SG Series :: Setup VLANs

Go to VLAN Management -> VLAN Settings and click Add.. Enter the VLAN ID and VLAN Name. Click Apply. You can continue adding VLANs as needed. Click Close when done. Now, Click Poer VLAN Membership and select a Trunk port

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Cisco SG series : set up LAG/LACP

Navigate to Port Management – LAG Management. Change the Load Balance Algorithm to IP/MAC Address. Click the LAG you want to setup and click Edit. Giv the LAG a name, click enable LACP and add the ports you want to

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ASA5505 adding SSL certificate

In this post we are going to add an SSL certificate using the ASDM gui. These errorpagesĀ are in Danish, but I’m sure you know them, and we want to get rid of them. Adding Identity Certificate Open ASDM, Configuration, Device

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ASA5505 Basic configuration pre asa 8.4 image using CLI

Here we are going through a basic setup of an ASA5505 using CLI. Notice I’m doing this on an ASA8.2 image. If you are using a newer version, it will differ some.   First we are going to clear up

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Cisco ASA5505 Password Recovery

Ever forgot your password to your firwall? Or maybe you are called in to help configuring an old device and nobody knows the password. In any case, this post will deal with recovery the password. Actually we don’t recover the

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