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Exchange 2013 : IIS 8 – change default log directory

Seing as Exchange 2013 generates a lot of logging by its various services running under IIS it can in many cases be a good idea to move the default log location to a seperate drive. You can even split up the

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Server 2012 – Installing PowerShell Web Access

Time has come to stop logging into our server using RDP and then managing it using Powershell. Instead we are going to install remote web access for powreshell. Source: Description: Install and Use Windows PowerShell Web Access More: Use

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Installing Certificate in IIS

Installing Wildcard (*.pfx) Certificate in IIS Open your Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, and go to your Server Certificates. Click Import and browse to your Certificate, type your Password and press OK. We can now use our new certificate:

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URL redirection in IIS from HTTP to HTTPS

During my setup of Exchange servers I always had the same issue: When people connected using just the url, meaning they were met with an error page saying “Forbidden: Access is denied”. This is because I only serve the

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