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Managing cached credentials on a machine

It can be a source of frustration to manage cached credentials on a machine. Especially if said machine tends to cause problems like lock-out from AD or similar. In any cace, the following command will give you a window where

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PowerShell :: Mange Best Practice Analyzer

I use the Best Practice Analyzer (BPA) as a quick overview on status and compliance. However, some “Errors” are really false positives, which just bugs me a lot. In this post I’ll dig into the ‘false’ DNS error, where it

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Server 2012 :: Remove Custom Events Logs

I had the a program called WebsitePanel installed and uninstalled, but it left a Custom Events Logs folder as you can see here: You would think you could just remove it by right-click and select delete, but you cant. Instead

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Setup Schannel event logging in IIS (Event ID 3688)

Been having some odd errors about Schannel like this: Turning off Schannel logging: As the event has no meaning to my system I decided to turn off logging, which is the default anyway. I don’t know why it was turned on as

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Server 2012: Best Practice – Disable short file name creation

As part of configuring my environment to Best Practice, I run the Best Practice Analyzer (BPA) from the Server Manager. One thing I want to take a look at today is: Short file name creation should be disabled Problem: In

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Troubleshooting : The FSMO role ownership could not be verified

First of all, this is just a simple 2 server, 1 Workstation test lab, so stuff can go unnoticed, as this proves. The first sign of error (that I noticed). I wanted to enable Active Directory recycle bin, but instead

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Server 2012 : Troubleshooting – AD accounts are being locked out almost daily

Check the Logs for Audit Failure Check the Security audit logs in event viewer. Good Tool from Microsoft to help: Account Lockout Tools from Microsoft (ALTools.exe) Check the Logs for Audit Failure using PowerShell You would set a TimeCreated member

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Server 2012 – TerminalServices Event ID 20499

Remote Desktop Services has taken too long to load the user configuration from server – Event ID 20499 I use mRemote to log onto my servers and noticed I repeatedly recieved the following error when logging on: Please note that

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