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Synology change fan and disable fan warning in shell

History behind my need to do this is my old Synology DS409+ which just had a failed fan. It gave warnings in the form of beeps and in the logs, which it is supposed to do. I dug around and

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Synology – get DNS and DHCP to work

Setup Synology DNS and DHCP I thought it should be easy. Been using DNS as backup DNS for a long time without problems and recently wanted to use my NAS as DHCP instead some other means of mine. You might

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Synology NAS – installing Config Editor GUI

Install Perl using Package Center -> Utilities -> Perl Download and installĀ Config File Editor from Uncheck the “Improve protection against cross-site request forgery attacks” and logout and in Again. Run the Config File Editor as admin and edit

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Synology NAS – Changing SSH port

In order to change SSH port on a Synology NAS, we must first enable Console via SSH in the Gui. After enabling the Console via SSH we log in using an SSH program like Putty or Xshell (my favorite). Method

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