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pfSense :: pfblocker memory error

Been setting up pfblocker to block unwanted IPlists from my Network, but encountered a “not enough” memory error when adding big lists. In short I used the build in file manager from Diagnostics – Edit File to modify 2 files:

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pfSense :: Configuring OpenVPN

In this post I am going to configure OpenVPN on pfSense and export client certificate for usage on client devices. Configuring new Certicate authority Manager Adding new System Certificate for OpenVPN Adding user Certificate Configuring OpenVPN Server. Configuring new Certicate

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PFSense :: Add Start SSL CA Certificate

In this short post we are going to add a Certificate Authority Certificate, or just CA Certificate. Before starting in PFSense, go download the newest ca-bundle.pem file from and save it somewhere you can easily find it. In the PFSense Dasboard

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PfSense :: create a VLAN

In this post we will create and activate a new VLAN. In order to to so we are going through the following steps: Create a VLAN Create a new interface and assign the VLAN. Configure the Interface. Create a new

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pfSense: configuring NAT part 1

I’m used to using Cisco Ios where I have to make a firewall rule to allow trafic and then make a NAT rule to redirect the traffic to right place. In pfSense I just have to make a Firewall: NAT:

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pfSense: installing certificate

Here we will install a certificate and configure pfSense to use the certificate for WAN management. If you do not have a trusted certificate, I’ll recommend using where you can get certificates for free. It only costs Money if you

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pfSense: Create new admin user and disable the old one

We need to get rid of the default admin user, as this is a huge security risk. Create a new administrative user: System – User Management. Press + to Add user Enter username and password. Group Membership Move admin to

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Setting up pfSense WAN Management

Now we have pfSense up and running I want to be able to manage my pfSense firewall from the WAN side. To enable WAN management on pfSense: System – Advanced. Protocol HTTPS TCP Port: pick something else than 80 and

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Installing pfSense on Soekris – part 2

In this post we will get a working pfSense image written onto our Compact Flash Card of the Soekris using a Card Reader. What we need: Take out the CF Card from the Soekris. Find a Card Reader and keep

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