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Backing up live linux – work in progress

In this worklog, I’m going to use dump to backup my system and chattr to mark some folders I don’t want to backup. Using Chattr to mark folders we do not want to backup. Quote: A file with the ‘d’ attribute

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Out of space, but you know it’s wrong!

So, I have a Mailcleaner server I’m using for cleaning my mail, but I also wanted to use the 250GB space as backup Space. After settings up Rsync and the firewall I starte backing up data from my NAS, but

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Setup SSH key pair between Linux Server and Diskstation

SSH to Diskstation: mkdir ~/.sshkeys && cd ~/.sshkeys ssh-keygen -t dsa -b 1024 -f ~/.sshkeys/diskstation-rsync-key cd /root/.sshkeys ls -ls chmod 600 /root/.sshkeys/diskstation-rsync-key SSH to Server: mkdir ~/.sshkeys && cd ~/.sshkeys ssh-keygen -t dsa -b 1024 -f ~/.sshkeys/server-rsync-key cd /root/.sshkeys ls

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Install and setup SSH server on Linux

In order to install an SSH server on an Ubuntu Linux we simply login and install OpenSSH-server. apt-get install openssh-server The  SSH server now Works with default settings. In order to find the configurations file and other related files for

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