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Server 2012 : Enable Active Directory Recycle Bin …

Since Server 2008 the Enable Active Directory has been available, but it is not enabled as default, which we are going to do now:   Enabling Active Directory Recycle Bin Open the Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC) (dsac.exe), select servername

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Troubleshooting : The FSMO role ownership could not be verified

First of all, this is just a simple 2 server, 1 Workstation test lab, so stuff can go unnoticed, as this proves. The first sign of error (that I noticed). I wanted to enable Active Directory recycle bin, but instead

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Active Directory : Create test users using PowerShell

I’ve often had a need for some users for various test purposes, and want a script to quickly create these users. Create¬†Organizatiol Unit (OU) In order to use the cmdlets needed you need Access to a Domain Controller or have

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