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Setup send Connector using smart host in Exchange

Open your Exchange Management Console and navigate to “Organization Configuration” – “Hub Transport” – “Send Connectors”. Right-click and choose “New Send Connector…” Give your new connector a name and choose the type of connector. We are going to use “Custom”

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Install and setup Shorewall firewall

Goal is to have a working firewall. We are setting up the basics using SSH where we also open Webmin port for usage. Later we canĀ even manage our firewall from Webmin. Below is an image of our Shorewall firewall shown

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Using Alien to converts between the rpm, dpkg, dep… formats

Note: Below is 100 % copy paste from Install .rpm Files in Debian and Ubuntu Some time you might find some applications are having only .rpm files but you want a .deb package for your debian,Ubuntu and other debian derived

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Support for Cisco Small Business in RANCID

I’ve installed RANCID and actually thought it would support my Small Business switches from Cisco, the SG300 as they do have Ios like ssh login, but it didn’t. After searching Google, I found a nice project and am going to

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Setup CVSweb for use with Rancid

Would be nice to be able to browse our Rancid repository, so went looking for some kind of web gui and found cvsweb. Endgoal: Installation To install CVSweb, simply run: apt-get install cvsweb Configuration Make a copy of the original

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