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Microsoft NTLM

source: Windows Challenge/Response (NTLM) is the authentication protocol used on networks that include systems running the Windows operating system and on stand-alone systems. The Microsoft Kerberos security package adds greater security than NTLM to systems on a network. Although

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Synology – get DNS and DHCP to work

Setup Synology DNS and DHCP I thought it should be easy. Been using DNS as backup DNS for a long time without problems and recently wanted to use my NAS as DHCP instead some other means of mine. You might

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Synology NAS – installing Config Editor GUI

Install Perl using Package Center -> Utilities -> Perl Download and install Config File Editor from Uncheck the “Improve protection against cross-site request forgery attacks” and logout and in Again. Run the Config File Editor as admin and edit

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Synology NAS – Changing SSH port

In order to change SSH port on a Synology NAS, we must first enable Console via SSH in the Gui. After enabling the Console via SSH we log in using an SSH program like Putty or Xshell (my favorite). Method

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Exchange 2013 – Customize the Outlook Web App Sign-In

You might also want to add Enable OWA logon selection for Private and Light option – Clicking the link will open a post of mine in a new window/tab. Customize the color of the sign-in page Log on to the

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Installing network on CentOs

I’ve installed Centos minimal install, and needed to setup my network manually, so here goes: We need to use vi editor, so here is a reference: There are 3 steps involved Configure the network card to recieve Static or DHCP

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Add a new user to Sudoers list.

Here’s how to add a user to the Sudoers group Just add the user to the sudo group: sudo adduser (username) sudo Group membership is only evaluated upon login, so if the user is already logged in they’ll have to

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Ubuntu – enable ‘root’ user account

By default, root account password is locked in Ubuntu. So, when you do su -, you’ll get Authentication failure error message as shown below. $ su – Password: su: Authentication failure Enable super user account password on Ubuntu First, set

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Setting up mailauthentication – Configuring DMARC (PART 4)

This will be my fourth and final part of my small series on mailauthentication. We have previously had a look at mailheaders, configured spf and configured dkim and will in this post have a look at the fourth and final

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Exchange 2013: Using the BlockedDomainsAndSubdomains option.

As a direct extension of my article on Exchange 2013 : Enable Anti-Spam Functionality on a Mailbox Server and Exchange 2013: Manage Sender Filtering, I’m writing this post on a very simple small script I’ve made in order to regularily

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