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Synology change fan and disable fan warning in shell

History behind my need to do this is my old Synology DS409+ which just had a failed fan. It gave warnings in the form of beeps and in the logs, which it is supposed to do. I dug around and

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HP Microserver Gen8 modifications.

Some text will be added later. Click any image to view a bigger version. First 4 images Shows placement of my 2 SAS HDD drives running raid 1 with Host OS installed. Shows my 1 OCZ Talos 2 SAS SSD

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pfSense: configuring NAT part 1

I’m used to using Cisco Ios where I have to make a firewall rule to allow trafic and then make a NAT rule to redirect the traffic to right place. In pfSense I just have to make a Firewall: NAT:

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pfSense: installing certificate

Here we will install a certificate and configure pfSense to use the certificate for WAN management. If you do not have a trusted certificate, I’ll recommend using¬†where you can get certificates for free. It only costs Money if you

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pfSense: Create new admin user and disable the old one

We need to get rid of the default admin user, as this is a huge security risk. Create a new administrative user: System – User Management. Press + to Add user Enter username and password. Group Membership Move admin to

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Setting up pfSense WAN Management

Now we have pfSense up and running I want to be able to manage my pfSense firewall from the WAN side. To enable WAN management on pfSense: System – Advanced. Protocol HTTPS TCP Port: pick something else than 80 and

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Installing pfSense on Soekris – part 2

In this post we will get a working pfSense image written onto our Compact Flash Card of the Soekris using a Card Reader. What we need: Take out the CF Card from the Soekris. Find a Card Reader and keep

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Setting up Soekris for pfSense – part 1

I just got my hands on a used Soekris 5501-70 and want to use it as a firewall running pfSense. User manual: First we set up the Soekris box Shell to match pfSense. This Means changing the default Connection

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