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pfSense :: pfblocker memory error

Been setting up pfblocker to block unwanted IPlists from my Network, but encountered a “not enough” memory error when adding big lists. In short I used the build in file manager from Diagnostics – Edit File to modify 2 files:

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pfSense :: Configuring OpenVPN

In this post I am going to configure OpenVPN on pfSense and export client certificate for usage on client devices. Configuring new Certicate authority Manager Adding new System Certificate for OpenVPN Adding user Certificate Configuring OpenVPN Server. Configuring new Certicate

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Generate and start using an SSL Certificate for MailCleaner Web interfaces

Making this post as a reminder for other people. I actually have an existing certificate on my Mailcleaner, but it happens to have just expired, so I need to create a new one. Instead of just creating a certificate internally

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