Server 2012 : setup DNS SRV for Exchange autodiscover

When this is usefull

When your email-address is made up of your name or similar plus @test.dmz and your mailserver belongs to a different domain like

This name@nulltest.dmz is your Universal Principal Name (UPN), which many uses as login for Exchange servers – among other things.

In this post I’m setting up an autodiscover SRV record on the DNS for the domain test.dmz to go to when looking for autodiscover information.

Creating new record

Open you DNS Manager (dnsmgmt.msc), right-click your relevant Forward Lookup Zone and select Other New Records…


Scroll down, select Service Location (SRV) and click Create Record…

Type in the necessary information.
Notice how the Service and Protocol does not end with a . as they are added automatically afterwards.
Priority and Weight are default at 0, but that makes it really hard to control them with multiple records.

Service: _autodiscover
Protocol: _tcp
Priority/weight: 10
Port number: 80

The Host Offering this service is the target domain name which your Exchange server is responding to Autodiscovery.

Click OK when done.

Verify the creation of your new SRV record

Verify SRV record works
Open a prompt and type nslookup then set type=serv and finally Query on the SRV record we just created: _autodiscover._tcp.test.dmz
Note: you are looking for the _autodiscover record on the test.dmz domain, which will show you the svr hostname =


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