Server 2012 – NIC Teaming – Load Balacing and Failover (LBFO)


I have 3 Networking adapters in my small test server and I want to team two of them in order to achieve some failover and loadbalancing.

This is what I’ll end up with: From these two, to the one to the right.

adapters01 adapters02


Go to your Server Manager – Local Server, and click the “Disabled” next to NIC Teaming.


CTRL og SHIFT-click the adapters you want to team, right-click your selection and choose “Add to new Team”.


Write the name of your NIC-team, verify your selected adapters, use the “Additional properties” if you need to, and press OK.


If you click the “Additional properties” you get some more options, which I’m not getting into here:
The settings here are default settings.


We can now see our new Team listed in the overview. If you want to ┬┤modify the “Additional properties” you can do it in the lower left window. In the lower right window, in the “Team Interfaces” tab, you can specify VLAN if needed.


Now we only have our HP-HV-Team in our Server Manager – Local Server instead of our two physical NICs.

Here we can see our two physical NICs used to make the Team.
The onboard NIC, which is used for Hyper-V Virtual Switch is also listed on the second line.


If you look at the properties of one of your physical NICs, you will notice that everything is disabled, and you now have “Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol”


When viewing properties of you new Team, you can see the LBFO protocol. Other than that, you can set it up as you normally would, with regard to IPv4 and IPv6.
LBFO = Load Balancing / Failover


NIC Teaming Overview:

Windows Server 2012 NIC Teaming (LBFO) Deployment and Management

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