Server 2012 – Setting up stub dns zone.

Here we will set up a stub dns zone.

Why you might ask? Well, I have 2 authoritative domain controllers for 2 different domains. One of them needs access to DNS entries on the other one, but it should not be able to modfiy anything in it.

Allow the transfer from authoritative controller:

First go to your source DNS server. Right-click the zone you want to make available and go to Properties.

Click the “Zone Transfers” tab, “Allow zone transfers” and add your target server in the “Only to the following servers“.

Setting up the target server.

Open your DNS Manager and right-click on your “Forward Lookup Zones” and choose “New Zone…”
Choose Stub Zone and name the Zone Name. This is the actual name of the zone, and not some reference-name. In this case it is “test2.dmz”.
Enter the IP of your Master DNS Server and make sure it Validates.
We now have a new Forward Lookup Zone named “” where our target server will send requests for the Zone.

You might need to hit F5/refresh in order for the red x to go away.
Here is a look at our new Stub Zone properties.


Add a Stub Zone

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