This page was rather unexpected. Or at least unplanned for, but as it turns out, I’m going to be using some Linux for some of the services I want up and running.

Backing up live linux – work in Progress (09-02-2014)

Out of space, but you know it’s wrong! (05-02-2014)

Create rsync target on ubuntu Linux (03-02-2014)

Setup SSH key pair between Linux Server and Diskstation (03-02-2013)

Install and setup SSH server on Linux (02-02-2013)

Installing Network on Ubuntu (14-02-2014)

Installing network on Centos (11-12-2013)

Add a new user to Sudoers list. (10-12-2013)

Ubuntu – enable ‘root’ user account (08-12-2013)

Install and setup Shorewall firewall (11-07-2013)

Using Alien to converts between the rpm, dpkg, dep… formats (10-07-2013)

Support for Cisco Small Business in RANCID (03-07-2013)

Setup CVSweb for use with Rancid (02-07-2013)

Installing Redis (29-06-2013)

Installing Webmin (29-06-2013)

Installing and configuring Rancid (27-06-2013)

Installing and configuring CVS on Ubuntu. (27-06-2013)

Installing Postfix and configure smarthost for use with Exchange. (27-06-2013)

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